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Massage Therapy is a powerful and effective tool in maintaining a healthy life. Research is now proving the significant health benefits of massage. Massage is so much more than a luxurious relaxing experience. Massage treats chronic ailments and is preventive medicine for your life and for your future.

Benefits of Massage:

- Increases circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients to your cells at a faster rate
- Increases lymph function which increases immune function, defending you against sickness and disease
- Decreases blood pressure
- Improves the condition of the skin
- Reduces scar tissue and adhesions after surgery or injury
- Increases flexibility
- Increases joint mobility
- Reduces spasms and cramping
- Reduces stress
- Improves sleep
- Reduces anxiety and depression
- Reduces fatigue and Increases energy
- Releases endorphins that decrease pain
- Provides exercise and stretching for atrophied or weak muscles
- Reduces recovery time from physically strenuous activities
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